понедельник, 7 ноября 2011 г.

♥ First entry ♥

Hello everyone.
I think I should start with an introduction of my self .
My name is Saiya (It's not my real name, just my online name). I'm 22 years old, not so long ago I graduated from the university. I have a philologist specialisation, but I really don't like it very much. I work as an designer of accessories for my brand  Dolly House.
I really love my job, and I'm happy I can work like that.
I'm engaged, I live in Moscow with my fiance. His name is Yuki (It's his real name, he-he) he is Japanese  and he is six years older than me.We are together for two years allready. We have two super cute dogs Lissa and Maki ,they are of none breed but we adore them. Lissa is 2years old, Maki is 1 year old (steel a silly puppy).
I love to read, I'm really fond of new information and knowledge, I like to learn something new every day. Also I'm found of making cute things with my own hands.
And I cant imagin my life without Hime-kei . I've been into Japanese fashion for about 6 years, starting out with Gothic&Lolita fashion (I've been into this fashion for about 4 years to understand that it is not mine and never was ブー).  Now I'm into Hime-gyaru fashion. I adore it, now I can say that it's for 100% mine. My favorite brands are Jesus Diamante, La Pafait,Liz Liza, Honey mi Honey, Betsey Jonson, Honey Diva, Golds Infinity and many others.
I also Love  DreamV no matter it's not considered as a "brand"niko*. I'm also trying to make my apartment to look more hime.
Sorry for my English 困.
Hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

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