вторник, 22 ноября 2011 г.

♥J-fest 2011♥

Hello everyone!
This weekend was really great. Me and my brand shop Dolly House attended a big festival of japanese culture J-Fest. The festival was really awesome, I think it was the greatest festival I've ever attended. A lot of people, a lot f japanese companies, a lot of fun.
Canon exhibitors were making a lot of free photoes. It was very nice to take pictures with my friends, who were participating at the show programm.
And I was working there. There were always a lot of people around my stand, I was very glad that my brand Dolly House become so popular. Haruka Momoi liked my works and made an interview with me and my sisterニコ.

She is a very cute person. Kawaii herself .
I was wearing my new Jesus Diamante dress. It's one of my favorite. I love the silhouette of this dress which emphasize the figure. And it looks so lovely.
Also I tried to make new hime hair style,It looked nice, but I still need a lot of practice.

One of my friends brought a gigant bear there. So cute!
And our cute Dolly House stend.

среда, 16 ноября 2011 г.

♥New cuties♥

Hello everyone.
Winter came round, and it's very cold in Moscow-ten degrees of frost. It's snowing hard outside. I just returned from a little walk with my dogs,  My dogs don't feel frost at all they were running and playing around, jumping in the snow, while I was shivering with cold. I'm freezed, but now it's very nice to warm up with hot tea now.
Several days ago I received a package with different cute stuff. I've been waiting for it for a long time (two weeks is really long for me, he-he). And now it finally came, and I can show you some of my new cuties.
First of all I vant to show you a new bed for one of my dogs.
It is a strawberry dog-bed! So cute!!!
 Lissa liked it, but, I think I was much more glad than she.
Now she is really glad to sleep in a such cute bed. But I accidentally woke her up while I was making this photo. So sleepy faceフフ.
Also I received a very cute and warm blanket wich I ordered from Swimmer. The blanket is so soft. Love it! I like to cover my legs while I'm working, because I like always to feel warm and cosy.
Another cuties are some accessorize from Jesus diamante. I really in love with the necklace! it's so elegant . And the headdress is so tender. Can't wait to wear them out.
Also I received a very beautiful white dress from JD, but I'll show it a little bit later.
And Last, but not least are my new circle lenses. The lenses are Celebrity Eyes Premium (RichBrown) and Dolce Contact also in brown colour. My favorite colour of circle lenses is (as you might already understand, he-he) is brown, I think it's the most elegant and natural circle lenses colour. I was very pleased with presents wich were attached to my lense order.

Need to buy more cute stuff ))))